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Mix - Blend - Mingle. Living a Mélange Lifestyle allows you all the wonderful and beautiful things life has to offer.  Mélange Boutique is an online & pop-up boutique offering fashion and home décor with a vintage flare. All items available through Mélange Boutique are hand selected and ethically sourced.

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Mix - Blend - Mingle


Blue Skies Smiling At Me

Renee Lang

When I saw this Amazing Blue Vintage Jumpsuit, I fell madly in love and had to have it. Not for myself....well kind of...I HAD to wear it once...ya know...make sure the quality is up to par. LOL. All joking aside, I had to have it so I can share it with the vintage community. I love finding vintage but it is not always my size, style or color but I still buy it. I think I may have a vintage shopping addiction. I truly hope to find this bad ass jumpsuit the perfect home.

This jumpsuit can easily be dressed up or down. It can also be used for many different styles. For this outfit we made it more late 80's early 90's by adding this bold pattern jacket with oversized shoulder pads and collar. This jacket will have a blog post all to itself. I just love it. but lets save that for another day.

If the jacket was removed, you would find two front breast pocket with snap closures as well as two front pockets over your thighs. I'm a sucker for pockets so this is kind of a big deal to me. The other big deal when it comes to jumpsuits is that is gives a good shape. This Blue Jumpsuit has an elastic waistband. Yes you heard me...ELASTIC WAISTBAND!! To me this means two things. 1) Because the band is elastic that means it will fit a wider range of sizes and 2) you will have a nice tapered waist. Which is important when working with a vintage jumpsuit.

If you haven't worn a jumpsuit before, its worth giving them a try. It may take a minute or two to find your ideal jumpsuit, but its worth the search. Jumpsuits can empower you while still making you feel femanine. You will feel like you can conquer the world and take on whatever it is life throws your way.  

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